Student Attendance Card

A Continuing Education student attendance card is required for all students. The card is free, and includes the student’s name and Continuing Education student identification (CSID) number which is required for paper and online registration. The card is for attendance purposes only and is not a student identification (ID) card.

To obtain a card, students must complete an online application and then go to the Student Services office at any of the six Continuing Education campuses. Bring a picture ID that includes your name, date of birth, and picture. Only one student attendance card is needed to enroll in any nonfee class at any Continuing Education campus.

New students who have never attended Continuing Education must first complete an application online before obtaining a student attendance card. Students should only file one online application, but applications must be updated prior to registration each semester, or when student information changes. Computers are available outside of the Student Services offices at all campuses to file an online application.

Returning students who do not have a Continuing Education student attendance card should go to the Student Services office at any of the six Continuing Education campuses to obtain a new card prior to updating an online application.

Students who are attending (or who have previously attended) City, Mesa or Miramar College, must obtain a Continuing Education student attendance card in addition to a college identification card. The same CSID number will appear on each card.

Student Attendance Card

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